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From innovative plastic cable ducts for DB AG on to patented foundations for signalling equipment and further on to individual tailored steel construction solutions, invatec has distinguished itself by reasoning differently to come up with better solutions.

invatec, a company of the LEONHARD WEISS-Group, was founded in 1997. Always on the look for new and particularly for better approaches, the traditional concrete cable duct installations along railroad tracks were revolutionised right at the very beginning by the development of practical and easy-to-handle plastic cable ducts. The creative solutions elaborated by our skilled and highly specialised team of invatec experts have always enhanced efficiency, be it for special solutions made of steel or for signal foundations and gravel mounting plates.

Unique for invatec are our dedicated »Inno Teams«, prepared to elaborate new approaches together with our clients. Quite frequently it only takes marginal optimisations or special solutions to make the working life easier and to pave the road to success.

The strategy is the foundation, a professional implementation at your company will establish the basis for success.

»Together« is the key word for success, since there is no one else who will know your company better than yourself. What we can do is to take a neutral look "from the outside", which frequently helps to come up with new opportunities. From an initial consultation on to the possible realisation of innovations and further on to their integration into your processes - a competent consultant will always be right at your side. Only those who dare to continuously and consistently question, optimise and retune everything will ultimately be capable of working successfully for the long term.

We intend to positively surprise you in every respect! Our continuous further developments, product trainings with certification, our comprehensive services offered, and our just-in-time deliveries make us a business partner who truly understands you.


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Sales of cable ducts and roadside constructions Rainer Zansinger P +49 7951 29641-15
Sales signal foundations Robert Wieczorek P +49 7951 29641-13

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VARIO-KAS cable outlet for concrete cable ducts
VARIO-KAS cable outlet for concrete cable ducts

The modular cable outlet for concrete cable ducts impresses with its process-safe installation with rodent- and sand-tight design. This prevents the cable ducts from becoming intruded from sand/soil and requiring time-consuming cleaning. The system complies with DB release PF-2023-00240. Available for concrete cable ducts size I i.F., II i.F., IIIa i.F. and IV i.F.


Rail Live 2023 in Madrid

Meet us at Rail Live 2023 in Madrid from 29 November to 1 December and discover our latest contributions to the rail industry at IFEMA in Hall 4. Register now and visit our stand for a unique experience


Trade fair announcement

Visit us at the TRAKO railway exhibition in Gdansk from 18.09.2023 to 22.09.2023. You will find us at the Baden Württemberg joint stand (Hall D, Stand 09).

We look forward to seeing you!

Employing synthetics innovatively for your benefit is a genuine skill. Cable ducts

To make this clear: Cable ducts are today no longer made of concrete!

Cables are the connecting arteries of our modern times. Anyone who wishes to move either energy or information has only one choice - cables.

invatec is a renowned enterprise also in the sector of plastics engineering and has been developing and manufacturing cable ducts made of synthetic materials since 1997. Invatec’s innovative cable ducts demonstrate their advantages already during transport and installation or when it comes to the entire logistics process.

Cable route, Oslo (Norway) Client: Federal Norwegian Railways
Construction period / year of construction: 14 months / 2009 - 2010
Facts: Installation of a cable route with 5 “Vario Top Size 2” cable ducts mounted on top of one another. Approx. 10,000 m of cable ducts and approx. 42 t of steel girders (HEB 120) were required for the project.
ESTW right side of the Rhine river Client: DB Netz, region West, Frankfurt/Main
Construction period / year of construction: 26 months / 2009 - 2011
Facts: The cable route was primarily erected in nature reserves and landscape conservation areas. The Senior Nature Conservation Authority (Obere Naturschutzbehörde) thus ordered cable ducts in RAL DB 601 color to be utilized. Round about 20,000 m of Vario Top Size 2 in this specific color were installed.
Löwenwand, Passau Client: DB communication engineering, Nuremberg
Construction period / year of construction: 6 weeks / 2010
Facts: The cable duct was installed along a sandstone wall over a length of approx. 3,000 m using tailored mounting consoles.

Cable ducts VARIO TEC+

A reliable supply of electricity and data transmission are the basic prerequisites for a smooth operation of state-of-the-art industrial facilities and infrastructures. Cables are sensitive lifelines of our economy, which need to be protected comprehensively: By the tried-and-proven and at the same time pioneer VARIO TEC+ cable duct system for ground installation. The Federal Railway Authority has certified the VARIO TEC+ synthetic cable ducts of sizes 1 and 2 for ground mounting.

Certification numbers: 1221/1110/21AZ2/0045/8 and 1221/1110/21AZ2/0024/8


True professionals have cooperated in the development of the VARIO TEC+: Civil engineering practitioners with many years of experience in the construction of cable ducts and engineers equipped with state-of-the-art virtual design systems.

The result: a combination of quality, profitability, environmental compatibility and outstanding value for money that establishes a new benchmark.VARIO TEC+ combines a solid design with a low weight and excellent profitability. Areas of application are e.g. railroad facilities, airports, power stations and industrial facilities.

Solid design
Low weight
High installation performance
Short operational interruptions
No connecting pieces required
Absolutely maintenance-free
High profitability
100% recyclable
Efficiency of VARIO TEC+ in comparison with a concrete duct
  Concrete duct VARIO TEC
Transport costs 15,5%
Equipment utilization costs 23,4%
Installation costs 26,9%
Costs of materials 34,2%
Total costs 100%

Dimensions Size 1 Size 2
Length approx. 1,000 mm
Width, external approx. 184 mm
Width, internal approx. 100 mm
Height approx. 190 mm
Weight (1 element) approx. 4,5 kg

Mechanical values /
Load bearing capacity
The complete cable duct is capable of withstanding a load of approx. 760 kN/m without breaking. The lid is designed to handle the following loads:
approx. 433 kN/m at a temperature of -35º C
approx. 527 kN/m at a temperature of +80º C

Thermal properties Permanent dimensional stability between -30 °C and +85 °C
Thermal expansion coefficient 1.2 x 10-4 cm per °C.
The lid is equipped with expansion joints in longitudinal and transverse direction in order to reliably prevent any expansion caused by heat.
Behavior in fire Fire protection category K1 acc. to DIN Standard 53438 part 2
Material UV-stabilized polypropylene-copolimerisate

Installation step 1 Placement of the cable ducts in the cable route prepared beforehand
Installation step 2 Fixation of the cable duct with specific ground anchors depending on local requirements
Installation step 3 Lid installation
Installation step 4 Filling of the cable ducts

Cable ducts VARIO TOP

Not only railway connections need to be flawless!

When building industrial and infrastructural facilities, you quite often have to expect rough and topographically difficult terrain to deal with. But even under such circumstances, the installation of cables should not cause any problems, provided that you use the VARIO TOP pillar-mounted cable duct system.

VARIO TOP is a high quality and at the same time multi-functional cable protection system with a comprehensive range of accessories available. Special elements are available on request.

The Federal Railway Authority has certified the VARIO TOP pillar-mounted system in sizes 1, 1a, and 2 .
Certification nos: 2152lbzb (21/98), 2152lbzb (21/99) und 2152lbzb (015/01)


The cable duct is extremely light and at the same time solid. It is easy to install and offers reliable protection for sensitive cables and leads against any influence from the outside – also in topographically difficult terrain.

The rugged system allows for all forms of pillar mounting. Uneven ground surface, slopes and inclines, bends – no problem for VARIO TOP. What you will get is a maximum of flexibility when it comes to cable protection and ease of installation.

Three different variants are available: Size 1, Size 1a and Size 2.

One-piece supporting structure and cable duct
No time-consuming installation of the cable ducts on the supporting structure
Quick-action fasteners for the lid
Standard span of 6 m
Low transport costs, simple handling
Low storage costs
Solid design, made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic material (GRP)
Non-conductive, consequently no earthing required
High mechanical stability
Fire protection category K1 acc. to DIN Standard 53438 Part 2
Permanent dimensional stability between -30 °C and +85 °C
Dimensions Size 1 Size 1a Size 2
Length 6,000 mm
Width 100 mm
Height 150 mm
Weight (1 piece) 32 kg
  Longitudinal Transverse
Tensile strength 300 Mpa
Flexural strength 250 Mpa
E-modulus tension 20,000 Mpa
E-modulus flexion 25,000 Mpa
Elongation at rupture 1,0 - 1,8%
Compression strength 450 Mpa
Pressure modulus 10,000 Mpa
Density 1,8 kg/dm3
Impact resistance IZOD 1,600 J/m
Barcol hardness 45
Fire protection category K1 in acc. with DIN standard 53438 part 2
Material MR - mats and roving reinforced fiberglass section
Installation step 1 The pillars are rammed in after measuring
Installation step 2 The mounting plates are installed, adjusted and bolted onto the pillars
Installation step 3 The cable ducts are positioned and bolted onto the mounting plates
Installation step 4 After the insertion of the cables, the lid will be closed with the quick-action fastener

Gravel beds require a firm hold Designated/authorised walkway

If you want heavy things to hold safely, you can make it easy.

Heavy and bulky concrete slabs (weighing approx. 200 pounds each) have so far generally been employed when constructing service roads in the framework of civil engineering projects of world wide rail industries. Since their installation, however, presents various disadvantages, a novel alternative to gravel mounting plates made of concrete was developed.

invatec’s gravel mounting plates consist of panels (2,000 x 250 mm) that are made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP or GRP). Simple installation together with a low weight (only about 20 lbs per panel) are their essential benefits. HEB 100 double-T steel profiles are used as supports into which the GRP panels are inserted.

The advantages of TERRA-TEC designated/authorised walkway are
solid construction (TÜV Rheinland LGA Bautechnik – structural analysis / design calculation check as well as laboratory verifications available)
low weight (approx. 10 % compared to concrete)
no shutdown of line required
high installation performance
high economic efficiency
quick and ergonomic installation
the required support can be installed by means of a hand pile-driver
process reliability thanks to standards, highest production requirements and quality controls according to DIN EN 13706
standard proof of safety and audited structural analysis up to a height of 50 cm
Bildunterschrift Designated/authorised walkway
Bildunterschrift Stabilisation of an embankment
Bildunterschrift Working Platform
Bildunterschrift Special solution for bridges
Bildunterschrift Special solution for bridges
Bildunterschrift Installation nearby the railroad track

No need to sink into the soil Signal foundations

Sending unambiguous signals together!

The performance portfolio of invatec also includes innovative signal foundations. Signals are crucial control elements in railway and road traffic. They are the prerequisite for the optimal safety of traffic users. Standard masts with and without gantries are employed for civil engineering projects of DB AG. A solid foundation for the signal is essential here.

Our »TECDOWN« piling tube foundation is approved for all signals used by and all route categories of DB AG and is equally suitable for maintenance as well as new construction projects.


This system for signal foundations has reached its final development stage after a development process of about two years and the production of various prototypes used in facilities of DB Netz AG. The signal foundation "TECDOWN" is protected for the inventor by patent and trademarks. After undergoing comprehensive tests and completion of the certification process with the Federal Railway Authority, this signal foundation has reached commercial maturity.

Suitability for all kinds of masts (individual signals without / with gantries up to 1,000 mm, barrier drives etc.)
Minimal interference with operation on account of extremely short installation times
Perfect fit
Low lifecycle costing (LCC) on account of intelligent static and civil engineering solutions (low-setting and maintenance-free after production, long service life)
Universally applicable without interference with the local soil layers (no building pits in the pressure area, track superstructure and substructure)
May be used for cohesive and non-cohesive soils
Continuous height and position compensation
Options available to cater for local obstacles (existing cables, deep drainage, pipework and buildings in the foundation area)
Patent-protected, certification process completed with the Federal Railway Authority

The adapter sports a corrosion protection acc. to ZTV-ING, Part 4, with hot-dip galvanization acc. to DIN EN ISO 1461 as well as an intermediate and top coating acc. to the TL/TP-KOR for steel structures, Page.87. For process-related reasons the contact area with the mast base features only a hot-dip galvanization. If specific requirements apply regarding corrosion protection (for example traction) the adapter may be equipped with an additional protective isolation coating. Loads may be applied after curing of the casting as soon as 60 % of the standard strength of a C25/30 has been reached, provided that adapters are used.

The production of foundations for driven piles makes comprehensive interventions in the pressure area of the tracks unnecessary. In addition to the effect that the existing soil structure is hardly affected, the negative effects on the operation may also be reduced on account of the quicker construction process – more than 75 % in comparison with individual foundations made of prefabricated concrete elements. Please note that this reduction of the negative effect on the operation also includes the considerable passive construction costs such as for example securing operations, deactivation and earthing of overhead traction lines, construction supervision, preparation and implementation of the necessary paperwork as well as expenditures for a lack of route availability (railroad traffic speed reductions, detours, alternative transport etc.).

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